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  1. ‘Medical miracle’ Claudia, 8, dies
    BREKKIE WRAP: THE eight-year-old girl dubbed the first to beat terminal brain cancer has died four months after getting the cancer all-clear.
  2. The proof we’re not so different
    AN animal handler went on a 6000 km trip to photograph baby primates. What she found was not only cute ... but draws beautiful links between us and them.
  3. Wait almost over for doughnut fans
    KRISPY Kreme is expecting record crowds when it opens its first WA store next month.
  4. Mystery over Aussie death in Bali
    PETER Surman was doing what he loved when he died suddenly in the surf on a popular Bali beach. With no external injuries, his death has baffled authorities.
  5. Murdered man ‘begged’ wife not to leave
    THE woman accused of masterminding her husband’s brutal execution in Bali had twice asked for a divorce because her husband paid her no attention, she says.

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